Mon 4/22 Release Mumia from Prison, End Mass Incarceration

Important discussion!! A lot to share!!

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Join us on Monday, April 22, to buy tickets for the bus to Philadelphia on April 24, to demand:

Release Mumia from prison

End mass incarceration

An evening of education & discussion
Mon., April 22     Time: 7 – 9 pm
Solidarity Center   147 W. 24 St. 2nd Fl., ManhattanGet tickets for Philly:  $10 (some scholarships available) Bus leaving on Wed., April 24 at 11 am

  • Learn about what’s happening with Mumia now and the reason to go to Philly on Wed., April 24th
  • Find out about the campaign to get Russell Maroon Shoats out of isolation, where he’s been for 20 years, and about the struggle to end solitary confinement
  • Get an update on the battle for compassionate release for our beloved Lynne Stewart based on her fast-spreading & life-threatening cancer for which she’s not getting proper treatment
  • Hear an overview of the struggle to End Mass Incarceration

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