Jamaica, Jamaica: An addendum


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ORGAN TRAFFICKING by the chinese, small hats and arabs….yurugu birth rate is LOW so dem need Black womens’ organs, esp their uterus, heart, brain and kidney. This is why all a di ooman dem weh dem find ave dem organs missing outta dem body, don tink seh dem a CUT OUT dem inside fi no reason. Afta dem done wid dat, dem run guh sell di organs dem to di chinee ppl, iz BIG $$ dem a mek fram dis. It’s a way for dem to get large amnts of money dat most of dem have never seen in their life. The cost is they have to kill their own women for it. This is not my “personal opinion”, some elders in Yaad have informed me what is REALLY going on. Da only way dem ago stop is wen dem get murda.

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