The birth of Puerto Rico’s fight for independence – EL GRITO DE LARES

Great read on Puerto Rico’s history!



By: Carlito Rovira


On September 23, 1868, in the city of Lares, Puerto Rico, an uprising took place against Spanish colonial domination. That uprising, known as “El Grito de Lares”—the outcry of Lares—opened up a struggle for Puerto Rico’s national liberation, first against Spanish and then against U.S. colonialism. That struggle continues to this day.

El Grito de Lares took place in a world context of bourgeois democratic revolutions against the remnants of feudalism in the dominant European powers. Feudal states like Spain, basing themselves on the wealth generated by large land holdings and colonial exploitation, were forcefully compelled to give way to the growing power of world capitalism.

The Haitian Revolution of 1802-04, coming in the wake of the French Revolution that began in 1789, marked the first Black republic in history. The victory of African slaves who rebelled and broke away from French colonial domination inspired…

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