Something Ain’t Right About Bill Clinton Eulogizing Muhammad Ali

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When I first came across a Facebook post stating that Bill Clinton would give the eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral, I thought this to be no different than the many other unsubstantiated rumors people tend to mindlessly spread on social media. Surely, the former president of the United States who shamefully admitted his policies contributed to the unjust mass incarceration of countless Black men and women, couldn’t possibly be eulogizing a bigger-than-life icon whose life was dedicated to freedom, justice, and equality for Black people in America and abroad. Sadly, a quick Google search resulted in articles from Time, ABC News, and a dozen other mainstream outlets confirming what initially sounded like a bad joke.

What made Muhammad Ali a true giant wasn’t his undeniable athletic prowess but his unwavering stance against white supremacy and the system that supports it; the very system Clinton and his cronies have always benefited…

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