We Rocked the Court: Report Back

This was an absolutely amazing day. The energy was high! We stood strong together in solidarity every step of the way, including the travel. We remain confident and optimistic that the judge will rule in Mumia’s favor. #SaveMumia #SaveThe10000 #HepCTreatmentForPAPrisoners

Moorbey'z Blog

Saturday, Dec 19, 2015


It was an amazing day yesterday in Scranton, PA, with more than 100 people inside and outside the courtroom. Folks joined us from all over the East coast. The Judge, Robert Mariani, began by reading an excerpt of the papers Mumia filed with the court, citing the life threatening conditions he suffered when he was hospitalized on March 30th, 2015. The Judge referred to those conditions as “serious,” signaling to all in attendance that he meant business. However, even before the proceedings began, the DOC’s attorney, Laura J. Neale, argued for dismissal of the case on a technicality.   She argued that Mumia violated procedure in failing to exhausted his DOC administrative appeals process first, before filing a suit in court; and that, on that basis, the judge should dismiss. Our attorneys, Bret Grote and Bob Boyle, literally took…

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