President Obama, PLEASE Give Leonard Peltier the Gift of FREEDOM!!

#FreeLeonardPeltier #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners/POWs
“Leonard is known Internationally in part because the crimes against him perpetrated by our own Government are a constant reminder of the grievous acts towards all of Native America since the United States came into being (and before).”

Speaking With A True Heart


August 27, 2015

Dear President Obama and Others who Should be Concerned,

Have any individuals you’ve known and cared about been incarcerated? Their crime or lack thereof is immaterial to the questions I ask. Have you ever felt the worry-that-never-leaves thinking about them? Are they safe? Are they getting any nutritious food? If they have a medical condition are they getting their necessary medication? Are they being brutalized by other inmates or prison staff? Are they in Restrictive Isolation/Solitary Confinement/Administrative Segregation/“The Hole”? Knowing what it’s like inside America’s Prisons & Detainment Centers… are they being Tortured, Abused, Violated and Medically Neglected? Now, imagine asking these questions and having these worries for almost 40 years. Imagine being the Loved ones of Native American Federal Prisoner Leonard Peltier (#89637-132). I can feel the pain of Leonard’s Loved ones because I’ve had family, friends, and patients/clients behind bars, and I still have…

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