A Response to ‘Janelle Monae & Jidenna Lead Philly March Against Police Brutality’

   By: Sophia Williams (8/15/15)

Having mainstream artists step up to the plate and use their voices and presence to represent social/human rights causes is an absolute necessity that is too often not done or given serious press.

As a student of music, an aspiring artists, and a critic of the music industry, this is inspiring and beautiful to see.

As most are aware of, it’s not very common to hear of mainstream artists going outside of their worlds and taking off their ‘celebritism’ (celebrity hats) to lead and/or participate in a social cause that requires them to join and mingle with oppressed/marginalized people, most of who are of color.

Here, was a moment that calls for mainstream artists to do much more than just simply write a check and/or donate charitable items.  Janelle and Jidenna did what a number of other more “famous” artists would shy away from doing.

The global music industry, certainly the U.S. market, is not necessarily known for openly advocating and being a part of the solution for societal causes.  I believe that music and the industry has the responsibility in playing the role of transforming society, however possible.  As folks are aware of, that’s not mainstream music and industry main focus.

Still, it’s important to note that many artists over the years have given back to society, and a number of those artists have gone as far as to do something similar, dare I say ‘down to earth,’ like Janelle and Jidenna.  Also, it’s really too bad that mainstream media does not give enough attention and credit to artists that does these kind of things.

#AlotMore2BeDone #RevolutionaryChange

See links to the march & tribute song against police brutality 




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