HONK 4 MUMIA on 33rd Anniversary of His Death Sentence

Come out. Mumia’s condition has worsened since this week & we have to be his voice and defend his life.

Moorbey'z Blog

Friday, July 3rd 12noon to 3pm

West Side of City Hall (15th & Market Sts.)


Join in a worldwide movement to demand that Governor Wolf and the PA Department of Corrections:


  • Release all of Mumia’s medical records to doctors of his choice.
  • Allow full access to Mumia for supporters, family, doctors and lawyers
  • Stop the attempt to murder Mumia through medical maltreatment
  • Release Mumia – he’s an innocent man!


Initiated by International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; endorsed by New York Coalition to Free Mumia; Campaign to Bring Mumia Home; MOVE; International Action Center; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Students for Justice in Palestine; Socialist Action; Workers World Party;


For more info:  PhillyIAC@gmail.com; 215-724-1618  In NYC call 212 330 8029

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