Johanna Fernandez: We need to bring Mumia home!

Bring Mumia Home NOW!

Moorbey'z Blog

by Johanna Fernandez

I visited Mumia this past Saturday, June 13.

Mumia was in good spirits. We talked about the happenings of the world, and he shared a lot about his stay at Geisinger Medical Center.

See how Mumia’s appearance has changed – deteriorated – in the three years since he was released from death row. Here, Johanna Fernandez and her friend, attorney Heidi Boghosian, visit Mumia on Feb. 7, 2012, shortly after his release.

Here is what I saw and heard. Mumia came to the visiting room in a wheelchair and I wheeled him around. Although he tried to wheel himself around, he couldn’t do so with ease.

Mumia’s skin, while better, looks really bad. His skin remains really, really dark and leathery – from head to toe. At least two of his fingertips have visibly cracked lesions that look painful.

His face seemed a bit swollen and darker than I’ve ever seen it. It was so dark that I asked him if he had been in the sun. He said, “No,” that he has not been out to yard since January when he started to get sick.

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