Mumia Abu-Jamal Discharged From Hospital -Please Continue To Call

Continue calling the number in this post. Put pressure on them to allow Mumia to have communication and visits with his family legal team and doctors. Also demand he gets the proper medical care he needs ASAP.

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Mumia’s attorneys, Bret Grote and Bob Boyle, had a telephone conference with the defendants they filed the complaint against — the hospital and the DOC — and with the federal judge.  In this conference, the hospital informed the attorneys that Mumia has been discharged from the hospital, but it was not clear whether to the prison infirmary or to general population.

The only thing the judge ordered to alleviate the lack of communication between Mumia and his lawyers as well as his family, was a legal telephone call.  Mumia will have the right, presumably, to call his lawyers tomorrow

Since Wednesday is not a visiting day at Mahanoy, we will not know until Thursday what visitation, if any, will be allowed.

Surely more questions are raised than answered with the DOC continuing to be adamant about asserting its right to deny Mumia his rights.  This struggle even on the limited…

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