Update on Mumia Abu-Jamal

Update on Mumia!

Moorbey'z Blog

Monday May 18th 2015 Danville, PA

Mumia was able to call his wife this morning at 9:30 am.   Wadiya Jamal spoke with Mumia for 15 minutes by phone.  He remains at the hospital.  She reports that he said he “sounded very good.”  He was receiving multiple tests.  He also said his sores were “fair to middling” which if you know Mumia, it means he is still having a hard time walking and that while they are not oozing they remain very painful.   He had a fever over the weekend and was kept at the hospital because of it. 

He was not able to use the phone while in the infirmary (before his transfer to the hospital on Tuesday) because his legs were so sore he could not walk to the phone in the day room.Just to be clear.  This call today was one 15min phone call.  No…

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