Mumia Abu Jamal: Unsaid at Selma

Mumia Abu-Jamal keeping it real as usual!

Moorbey'z Blog

The 1st Black president of Amerika gave an excellent speech az always but he left so much unsaid. I been saying 4 8yearz don’t believe the hype…

Who can question whether President Barack Obama is a master when it comes to speeches?

Such a quality literally put him on the map when he mesmerized a crowd at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

He did it again in the Selma, Alabama’s 50th anniversary at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. His central message: no one can doubt things are better since Selma. No one.

His speeech, delivered with quiet passion, was a master work.

And yet… and yet.

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Selma has become sacred in civil rights history, not because of what happened there, but because of what happened thereafter.

Public outrage fueled the passage of the Voter Rights Act, the same law recently trimmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Selma is a…

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