Former Black Panther Speakz on Malcolm X’z Legacy

Malcolm X legacy lives on forever. Thank you Marshall “Eddie” Conway on speaking beautifully on the what Malcolm’s legacy means for today’s struggles

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Eddie Conway, the former Defense chief for the Black Panther’s Baltimore Chapter, spoke to teleSUR English’s as part our of Black History Month coverage.

During the month of February, teleSUR English is covering Black History Month. As part of our extensive coverage, we spoke with Marshall “Eddie” Conway, the former Minister of Defense of the Baltimore Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Conway was released from prison in March 2014 after serving nearly 44 years. He has always professed his innocence and was charged in 1970 at a time when the FBI and local law enforcement were incarcerating, killing, or forcing leaders of the Black Panther Party to go underground. Conway continued to organize throughout his time in prison and he is now a producer for The Real News.

In this interview, Conway discussed the legacy and life of Malcolm X in community organizing and activism.

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