Transition of Goldii, daughter of Wadiya and Mumia

My deepest condolences to Mumia, and his wife, Wadiya, on the loss of their daughter.

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Mumia's daughter, the rapper Goldii Lokks, speaking at the rally                                                  Mumia’s daughter Goldi, a popular rapper, takes the mic at a rally ...It is with deep sadness that we share in the news about the transition of Goldii.  We extend our condolences and love to her mother, Wadiya, her father, Mumia, her two young daughters, her sisters and everyone else who was close to her and loved her.  Goldii showed tremendous creativity as an artist, seriousness as a student of psychology, and tenacity and courage in the face of her tragic illness.  Even when quite ill, she stood up to offer solidarity to her father, and to call for a better world.  We will miss you, Goldii, but you have left your mark and we will remember you.

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