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Halie Selassie, Ethiopian ruler!

Halie Selassie
Sat, 1892-07-23

Halie Selassie was born on this date in 1892. He was an African dictator and political force in 20th century Ethiopia.

Selassie was born Tafari Makonnen in Harer, Ethiopia. He married Wayzaro Menen, daughter of Emperor Menelik II, in 1911. By becoming prince (Ras), Selassie became the focus of the Christian majority’s approval over Menelik’s grandson, Lij Yasu, because of his progressive nature and his more reliable political ideas. He was named regent and heir to the throne in 1917, and traveled to such cities as Rome, Paris, and London to become the first Ethiopian ruler to ever go abroad.

In November of 1930, Zaubitu died and Selassie was crowned emperor, the 111th emperor in the succession of King Solomon. Upon this occasion he got rid of the name Tafari Makonnen and took Haile Selassie, meaning “Might…

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