The Effectz of the Black Pantherz

Black Panthers were an organization that did more than what the government care to do. Please read this article.

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Positive Effects

The Panthers had many positive effects.
1.They led to the creation of many like-minded groups.
2.They created free breakfast for children program in January 1969, which fed 10,000 kids a day.
3.They distributed clothing.
4.They created an emergency response ambulance program and drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation.
5.They gave lessons on self-defense.
6.They created inexpensive heath care for blacks and free medical clinics.
7.They improved education for blacks.
8.People in the Panthers could not drink, do drugs, or do any other uncivilized behavior while on duty for the party.
9.Panthers tried to get gangs to give up crime and join the Panthers.
10.The Black Panthers created an era where blacks could run for elective office, by having Panthers run for government office.
11.The Black Panthers also created an era where it is okay to express outrage at your oppressor.

Negative Effects

The Panthers also had negative impacts.

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