Appeal from Leonard Peltier

Support the freedom of Leonard Peltier. Help to end #massincarceration and bringing home our political prisoners!

Moorbey'z Blog

Sisters, brothers, friends and supporters,

Greetings.  I hope you’re well.

Yes, I’m still here in my cage, fighting for my freedom.  The battle
has reached a critical stage.  As has always been the case, I face
tremendous odds and a government that has unlimited resources-despite
the budget woes we keep hearing about, too.  That’s a big problem,

The solution rests with my legal team and their efforts to convince
President Obama to grant me clemency.  Plans are underway to
launch a massive campaign on my behalf-bigger and better than
ever before. Events will be held to educate the public, outreach
will occur with Members of Congress, media contacts will be made
and meetings will be held with people and organizations that can
influence President Obama in my favor.  Everything possible will
be done to gain public support for my release.  I’m very excited
by and optimistic about the…

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