No decision on Lynne Stewart today but urgent action needed

The fight for Lynne’s Stewart life continues. Please read and support Lynne’s fight to have her release on compassionate release as she is dying of Stage IV cancer. Lynne’s has not committed any crime nor done anything morally wrong as she is wrongfully incarcerated for doing her work as a lawyer.

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Dear Friends of Lynne Stewart,

This brief report is based on my conversation this evening with Lynne’s husband, Ralph Poynter, who attended today’s (August 8, 2013) hearing before Judge John Koeltl in his Foley Square federal district court in New York City.

Koeltl did not make any decision today. He did not indicate a date when a decision would be rendered.
But he did, roughly speaking, state that the letter of law was on the side of the prosecution while the spirit of the law was on the side of Lynne Stewart. The “law” that Koeltl referred to supposedly prohibits him from considering a request for compassionate release that does not come from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The latter rejected Lynne’s request and thus the prosecution argued that neither Lynne nor Judge Koeltl had standing to make or consider Lynne’s request. But Koelt pointed out or implied…

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