T.J. Holmes, BET Relationship Ends As Journalist Announces His Departure From The Network



Eight months after the debut of his BET late night news-satire series, “Don’t Sleep,”T.J. Holmes has officially announced that he’s completely a “free agent.”

According to the Root, the award-winning journalist doesn’t have any regrets from his short-lived tenure with BET.

“I will never, ever regret thinking that my heart was in the right place,” he explained to columnist, Richard Prince. “A young black man taking his skills to do something that was not being done for our community. That is, providing a daily news show geared toward African Americans.”

“You learn from the mistakes, there are questions I should have asked, things that should have been cleared up,” explained Holmes. “But reaching the Black community in that way was an opportunity I would love to have again.”

The network also released a statement via Multichannel News last Thursday (May 2) stating that the 30 minute show; “delivered smart social commentary on significant issues important to African Americans with the nation’s most prominent thought leaders. BET remains committed to being a resource for our audience on issues that directly affect the African American community.”

“Don’t Sleep!” marked Holmes’ first show since leaving CNN in December 2011.


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  1. The one show that sheds serious light on issues affecting the Black community gets a short life span on a black network. I enjoyed the engaging & important commentaries that TJ and his guests provided. I learned more on the issues that African Americans have faced and are facing. Also as an activist, this show gave me tools to better understand & analyze social justice issues on a much larger scale. As someone that watches BET almost daily, I’m disappointed that they, a black network, have let go of an authentic programming that positively opens up all the current issues of our black communities & inspires change. What does this indicate about BET?

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