Putting the Assata Shakur Incident In Perspective

Sign Assata Shakur release petition and the rescinding of her “terrorist” status.



On May 4, I launched a petition drive in support of political activist Assata Shakur in response to the news that the FBI named her on their “Most Wanted Terrorists” List, and posted a $2 million reward for assistance leading to her capture. The petition, addressed to President Obama, requests that he:

1. Launch a federal and state investigation to determine the validity of Ms. Shakur’s initial conviction and prison sentence

2. Rescind Ms. Shakur’s status as a “terrorist.”

3. Terminate any bounty or “reward” for assisting in her capture.

 4. Exonerate Ms. Shakur of ALL criminal charges and void the remainder of her (unjust) prison sentence.
At this point, the petition has gained over 2,500 signatures from people all over America and the world who value freedom and justice. We aim to eventually obtain 10,000 signatures. Naturally, some people have expressed opposition to the petition drive, citing that…

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