Happy Bornday Mumia Abu-Jamal

Tomorrown is our big day to celebrate Mumia’s birthday!! We are demanding his immediate release from prison. Our voices will be heard & not silent!! #TEAMMUMIA

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April 24, 1954

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a renowned journalist from Philadelphia who has been in   prison since 1981 and was on death row since 1983 for allegedly shooting Philadelphia   police officer Daniel Faulkner. After decades of appeals, he left death row in 2012 but is still facing a life sentence. He is known as the “Voice of the Voiceless” for his award-winning reporting on police/state violence brutality and other social and racial   epidemics that plague communities of color in Philadelphia and throughout the   world.

Mumia has received international support over the years in his efforts to overturn   his unjust conviction. Mumia Abu-Jamal was serving as the President of the Association   of Black Journalists at the time of his arrest. He was a founding member of   the Philadelphia Chapter of the Black Panther Party as a teenager. Years later   he began reporting professionally on radio stations such as NPR

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