Lynne Stewart Lif iz in Danger:Sign Petition 4 Compassonate Release

Please sign this petition! It’s important and Lynne Stewart life depends upon this. It’s ridiculous that we have a government that does unconscionable acts like this and still gets away with it. Here you have a woman up in age suffering from breast cancer and unjustly locked up for ten years for defending her client. Now she is in immediate need for treatment and it has to take her weeks to see a physician all while being shackled. What possible harm can she do? Please show compassion and sign her petiton and have her release!

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The petition can be found online at the Justice for Lynne Stewart website: or at

here is the text.  Please go to these sites and sign it.


Lynne Stewart has devoted her life to the oppressed – a constant advocate for the countless many deprived in the United States of their freedom and their rights.

Unjustly charged and convicted for the “crime” of providing her client with a fearless defense, the prosecution of Lynne Stewart is an assault upon the basic freedoms of us all.

After years of post-conviction freedom, her bail was revoked arbitrarily and her imprisonment ordered, precluding surgery she had scheduled in a major New York hospital.

The sinister meaning of the relentless persecution of Lynne Stewart is unmistakably clear. Given her age and precarious health, the ten-year sentence she is serving…

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